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Originally published: August 2007

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ING Investment Management's equities trading operation has gone through a transformation over the past two years since Nanette Buziak, head equity trader, took the helm. When Buziak joined ING, she was charged with consolidating the firm's two trading floors one in Hartford, Conn., and the other in New York. The result is an eight-seat trading desk and equities investment operation that handles trading for $60 billion in domestic and international equities pictured in this photo gallery. The consolidated floor is located on Park Avenue in Manhattan.


ING Investment Management's eight-seat equities trading desk is based in New York City and led by Nanette Buziak, its head equities trader.

To trade equities, ING uses the Charles River Order Management System (left screens), and the trading desk is in the process of upgrading to version 8. The middle left screens show Reuters data, and the middle right screens show Bloomberg. The far right screens show news from Streetaccount, another news and data service. ING's U.S. desk use Reuters and Bloomberg as their main data sources. Equity traders access many dark pools including Liquidnet, Pipeline and Posit for anonymous block trading. As for algorithms, traders use ITG's algos as well as algos from most of the major bulge bracket firms.

Equities Trading Workstation




ING upgraded its trading turrets in November deploying IPC's IQ/MAX.
"We looked at going strictly with IP (Internet Protocol) technology," says Martin Ratajczak, telecommunications manager at ING Investment Management Americas. The simplest function they wanted was a caller ID function. "MAX provides a caller ID function so the traders are able to scroll and see inbound and outbound telephone numbers," he says. ING upgraded from a 15-year IPC TradeNet system, an entirely analog device.



Equities Trading Workstation



Domestic Equities Desk

ING Investment Management does not use an execution management system.

  Tom Genkinger, A Senior Trader, ING

Genkinger trades healthcare stocks and backs up the international trading desk.

****** NG's international traders trade stocks in 45 countries for N.Y.-based PMs. The firm operates using a passbook scenario meaning the N.Y. desk will trade stocks in the N.Y. time zone (such as Latin America and the U.S.) on behalf of ING's portfolio managers in The Hague, the firm's headquarters. International trading shifts are split the early shift is 4 a.m. to 2 p.m., which is why some of the workstations are empty as these traders have ended their shift.



ING International Trading Workstations

  International Trading Workstation-ING

International traders use FIX to route orders to their brokers. They also use the Charles River Order Management System as well as market data sources Bloomberg and Reuters. ING traders do not use dark pools for international equity trading.

Thus, portfolio managers, analysts and compliance
 officers sit in the same room as the traders. She explains, "We need communications on what's driving a trading decision, as that helps us do our job. If we know there is urgency in an order, or there might be news coming out after the close that might affect the stock if we don't get an immediate hit in natural liquidity, we know we need to get more aggressive."

Around the Desk


Two years ago, when the Hartford trading desk was consolidated with the New York City desk and the floor was reorganized, Head Equity Trader Nanette Buziak decided to keep the whole equities team on the same floor to strengthen communications among them.


Analysts and PMs Surrounding the Trading Desk


Bloomberg Screen


Domestic Trading Workstation


Bloomberg Charts

  Equities Workstation at ING

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